Kiewiet de Jonge Events

More than 30 years of professional activities in the field of booking and event organization has given Kiewiet de Jonge Events the opportunity to develop an extensive portfolio of expertise. Access to artists in all kinds of styles of your choice and the ability to organize a complete event makes us a strong partner for a client. This means short communication lines: just one partner who can give you all the necessary support to create a successful event.
In conjunction with the client and according to his wishes, we can reach a product which is completely in line with his corporation. In short, we can offer the total package from the concept, budgeting, choice of location, catering, technique, artists, project-, stage- and artist management to the final completion.
A selection of what we can offer:

  • Brand events & Product launches
  • Music/theatre and dance events (public and private)
  • Public Festivals
  • Festival programming and support
  • Corporate parties
  • Theme parties
  • Exclusive performances of national and international artists
  • Business to Business events
  • Conventions
  • Sponsor recruitment

Operating on a relatively small scale also means lower overall costs. This can be very beneficiary for the client. Our strength is the ability to develop high scale creative ideas in conjunction with the client at relatively low costs. In view of the current economical situation it may be important to organize an event which is socially acceptable. Depending on the sort of event and the concept, Kiewiet de Jonge Events might even be prepared to share the risk if there is a link to ‘return on investment’ which can lead to profit for all parties involved.
The necessity to act in an economically and socially responsible manner is of great importance nowadays. Your personnel should not get the feeling that your investment in for instance a company feast is effecting their own salaries. Just the same as when you organize something for your customers, they should not need to fear that they will be presented with the bill later on. With relatively small means we can present you something worth while. You as client determines, within the available budget, the program in dialogue with us. We then will execute the whole project for you.
Kiewiet de Jonge Events has therefore developed the “Budget Event Plan”. Preliminary set budgets, including our costs, directly transparent. We have defined the following package deals for you to choose, on the base of which we can create a program fitting in with your wishes.

A 2.500-5.000 20%
B 5.000-10.000 18.5%
C 10.000-15.000 17%
D 15.000-20.000 16%
E 20.000-30.000 14%
F 30.000-50.000 12.5%
G >50.000 In overleg

Each package consists of several cadres, such as the number of people, catering, location etc. However, nothing is impossible as long as it remains realistic. We gladly will discuss this with you.
In case you prefer to keep full control over your event yourself, we can offer you the following services:

  • You as representative of your company wish to organize an event yourself but feel the need of external advice on any specific subject. We can combine views and ideas in one or more sessions, based on an hourly rate but with a minimum of two hours per session plus respective travel expenses.
  • f you are an event organizing agency but maybe in need of temporary personnel for a specific project, from private to public events, we can offer you the expertise you need. For instance, we can provide for an event manager, floor manager, stage manager, stage crew, artist companion, logistic coordinator, sponsor marketer etc
  • Concept development and budgeting are the basics for a successful event. We can support you on this as well.
  • As we have our own booking agency with a large network of national and international artists in all disciplines, you can contact us directly in this field also.
    Should you wish to make use of any of the above services or any other subject concerning event organisation, please contact us via or simply give us a call on 0031 (0)71 3010401.