Kiewiet de Jonge Art

The Austrian National Library [Österreichse National Bibliotheca] was a fitting and elegant venue for the first European Outsider Art Fair from 30st of May until 1 st of June. The Fair had space for 20 well-lit and beautifully laid out stands with specialized galleries in the field of Outsider Art, such as Art Brut, Intuitive Art, Self-Taught Art, Folk Art etc. from all over the world. There was a special accent on Art Brut, which originated in this region, as an ode to Vienna, the home of the Fair. An expert selection committee determined whether artworks were worthy of a place or not. The two- and three-dimensional works had to portray the correct qualities, be of a unique nature and complement the style of its source. The fair was opened by officials of Austria and Holland during a special Gala Preview Evening in the National Library on Thursday 29 th of May, sponsored by Veuve Clicquot and Bandridge. The board of the EOAF VIENNA 2008 had also organized a special symposium with renown speakers professor Roger Cardinal and professor Jan Hoet in Art Brut Centre Gugging.

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